You can fly in or drive in!

JetWright is headquartered in Prescott, AZ where we have our classroom and full motion CE-510 Simulator. We can also come to your location for training. We have instructors and examiners based all over the United States

2020 Clubhouse Drive
Prescott, Az 86301


We have instructors located in Arizona and California to provide training services throughout the USA.


Our days are spent giving our clients the best one on one Citation Jet instruction avaialble. For this reason we cannot do voice calls during the daytime. The best way to contact us is listed below:


For the fastest response even during the daytime text us.


This is the second fastest way to get a response. We can usually respond during the daytime.
Click here to email JetWright.


Call us and leave a message and we will respond in the evening hours. Out of respect4 for our clients we cannot interupt training during the daytime.