JetWright Flight Training Simulator

JetWright LLC has a full motion (50° PITCH, 40° ROLL, 60° YAW) Cockpit specific Redbird Citation Mustang flight training device at our facility in Prescott, Arizona. This simulator is full motion and is FAA certified as an AATD. It is made to replicate the exact cockpit of the Citation Mustang. The simulator is very useful in training for both normal and emergency procedures and can significantly reduce the amount of time required in the actual aircraft. Jetwright uses this simulator during intial type rating training and during recurrent training.

We offer underwriter insurance approved training for the full range of single pilot jet pilot needs, from initial type ratings to mentoring, pitch-hitter training, annual pilot proficiency checks (61.58) and more. Give us a call and learn how we can help make your next training event an enjoyable, and highly productive experience.